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Understanding Aminoacids

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  1. Hey there I was trying to look for the information on your website but most of the pages do not open fully for me . My friend purchased some of your aminos , and he gave me a little to try out, when i smelled them however they had a very strong smell of vinegar, my question is , do you guys add vinegar to your ME coral aminos as a way of carbon dosing? Because I’m already dosing vinegar and i can’t add anymore on top of that. Thank you again ,
    Respectfully ,

    1. Nick,
      Yes we do add vinegar, or as the label states, acidic acid which is the same thing. This was done not with carbon dosing in mind, but as a preservative. Without some kind of preservative, aminos will grow algae and mold quickly in the bottle. That’s why some competitors will say refrigerate, others may use more dangerous preservatives. As for this being a carbon source, it is but very little. Remember, it’s 5ml/100 gal of MEamino. MEamino contains 3ml of vinegar, 3ml of vinegar in a 100 gallon system is not really vinegar dosing much. Also, if you’re already dosing vinegar say 30ml/day or so? You can dial down to 27ml/day if you’re concerned the MEaminos add more than your target. For those not dosing vinegar, this little bit of carbon with the aminos could be very benefical if they are carbon depleted or limited. Hope this helps!

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