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DI Resin 7.4lb Bulk Bag


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MERO Premium Blend DI Resin bags come with 7.4 Lbs of Color Indicating Mixed Bed Deionization (D.I.) Resin designed for ME.
A typical cartridge takes aprox 1.0 lbs to fill.  Pack cartridge tightly.



Replace the DI resin in your RODI system when we no longer read  zero TDS coming out of your system. ME DI resin will also work in any RO/DI system with a 10×2 refillable filter shell.
• Virgin Resin
• Color-Indicating
• Made in the USA for Qulaity
• 18 Mega Ohm Resistivity
• Nuclear Grade
• Color Change goes from Dark Blue and exhausts to a Rust color.
• Strong Acid Strong Base Resin


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